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Laser Skin Therapy

Clinical Explanation

Low power lasers, also known as cold or soft lasers, revive, repair and stimulate tissue where as High Output Lasers, or HOT lasers, hurt or damage the tissue. Low power laser promotes tissue repair, promotes the synthesis of the collagen tissues, proliferation of the capillary, accelerates the blood circulation, and excites the cell division.

Laser Skin Therapy can stimulate the skin to improve its tension. It is useful to prevent aging, and to regain the elasticity. It regenerates the cells and jump-starts the skins renewal process. At last a new easy way to treat fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars with NO down time. There is no wounding of the outer tissue layer eliminating the down time as with other treatments or surgeries. Also, this eliminates the length of recovery; possible complications, such as infection and this will not remove the skin tissue. With surgeries, scarring and infection can occur with risk increasing or decreasing depending on the experience of the surgeon. As with chemical peels, the treated skin oozes and forms a scab. A reaction that is both unsightly and uncomfortable, and after the scab disappears, the visible skin is red and takes time to lighten while it regenerates. Laser skin therapy eliminates the weeks of intense recovery following laser resurfacing and allows clients to enjoy the benefits of a laser facial on their lunch break with no injections, tenderness, or unsightly redness, just smoother, younger looking skin at fraction of the cost of laser resurfacing. With laser skin therapy the treatment is gentle, there is no interruption of routine activities. The result is overall younger looking skin. Improvement is subtle so the client's skin does not appear obviously treated. Forget about painful collagen injections or harsh procedures. This is a simple therapy to aid in a standard beauty anti-aging routine. Low level laser skin therapy makes use of initially sub thermal (COLD) laser light energy to the skins cells without injuring or damaging them in any kind of way. The therapy will contribute to the timelessness of beauty with elegant and proven light energy. The therapy is safe, effective and simple. These lasers are light energy and up until a few years ago were not available in the U.S. but have been effectively used by the finest European Spas, clinics and salons.

Wrinkles can have a profound impact on self-esteem. Indeed the stigma attached to looking old is evidenced by the fact that Americans spend more than 12 billion dollars each year in cosmetics to camouflage the signs of aging. Laser Skin Therapy is a cost efficient way to win the battle of your aging skin with guaranteed, proven results.

Low Level Light Skin Therapy

Preparation for Skin Therapy

  1. Consider the contra indicators, which will increase photosensitivity: Epilepsy, pregnancy, cortisone or steroid injections and iodine.
  2. Remove all makeup and jewelry from the areas to be treated.
  3. Clean areas to be treated with a quality cleansing product. Some operators will perform a peel, extraction, or mild exfoliation and then a quality cleansing product.
  4. Use gauze pads or suntan goggles over the eyes.

If treating the neck, cover the Thyroid Gland with a piece of 3 x 3 inch gauze. The Thyroid Gland is located at the base of the neck where the neck meets the chest, on the front and sides of the trachea. The wavelengths used in the Awaken Light Therapy Unit have not been shown increase or decrease the activity of the Thyroid, but direct Thyroid exposure should be avoided whenever possible.

General Skin Therapy lnstructions

An initial course of anti-aging facial light therapy usually consists of six treatments. Treatments are usually every 7 days. Following the series of initial treatments, maintenance treatments will be required every 30 to 60 days to maintain the benefits, or more frequently for potentially greater results. The actual time between maintenance treatments will vary depending on the client's age and skin. You and your client will determine the frequency which best suits your client's needs.

You may combine light therapy with a broad range of other treatment modalities such as microdermabrasion or peels. Perform the light therapy after these other treatments. It will help calm the skin and enhance results.

When combining light therapy with products, be aware that it will enhance the properties of the product. You may safely use light therapy with any product that is otherwise safe to use on the client's skin. Make certain that the product emulsifies into the skin and does not leave a barrier that prevents the light from penetrating. Users frequently apply a moisturizer, aloe vera, or fade cream during treatment.

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